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Why Star-Styled?

Our studio embodies the values of trust, caring, family, and  community.  In this world of flash, sass, and self, we strive to  develop talents cooperatively and share them regularly.  We never lose sight of what is truly important in life.  We are proud to promote the following:


  • Discipline, dedication, and commitment

  • Respect for authority

  • Character and ethics

  • Humility and kindness

  • Tactful leadership and assertion of ideas

  • The value of hard work in achieving success

  • Life lessons of acceptance, understanding, and patience

  • The value of family time

  • The importance of multiple interests and talents

  • The positive impact of dance in other areas of life

  • The ability to do many things well


"Doing what is popular is not always right, and doing what is right is not always popular."


Follow your heart; it will not fail you.





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