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Goals & Missions

Our Goals


  • To provide a wholesome and positive self image for each child.

  • To nurture an appreciation for dance as an art form.

  • To develop self confidence and self discipline.

  • To stimulate creativity and self expression.

  • To provide a productive learning environment in all areas of the performing arts.

  • To provide performance opportunities


Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide a quality dance education that will contribute to the personal, physical, and psychological development of the individual dancer.


We are committed to providing a wholesome learning environment through exemplary facilities, equipment, and staff necessary to support such a program.


We believe all children will benefit from dance education.  We will dedicate ourselves to helping our students create, pursue, and fulfill their goals -- recreationally or at higher performance levels.


We will inspire a love and respect for dance as an art form in our students through our own example and motivation.  High levels of professionalism will be maintained at all times


Continual improvement is essential to our success.  We will strive for excellence in everything we do.

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