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Required Attire for Dancers at Level 1 or above:

  • Black leotard and any color tights

  • Black ballet skirt/black biker short

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • Tap shoes vary by class:

       Level 1 & Level 2 - White tap shoes.

       Level 3/4, Level 5/6 & Novice Team - Tan Buckle tap shoes

       Teen Recreational - Tan Oxford tap shoes (Lace up)

       Junior & Senior Competitive - Black Oxford tap shoes


Preschool Attire:  (3&4yo, 4&5yo & Kindercombo Classes)

  • Any color of leotard and tights

  • Pink ballet shoes for all classes

  • White tap shoes for 4&5 year olds and Kindercombo

      (Tap added into program in January for 3&4 year olds)


Hip Hop:

  • Black shorts or leggins with black leotard or shirt 

  • Black slip-on jazz shoes (no laces) for Junior Hip Hop

  • Black jazz sneakers or boots for Senior Hip Hop (Ask teacher at first class)



  • Black leotard (Shorts over it optional) 

  • Any color footless tights

  • Bare feet


Miscellaneous (for all):

  • Hair should be secured off the face in pony tail, bun or braids

  • Preschool children should bring a dance bag with their name on it

  • Label all shoes

  • Preschool children should have elastic in their tap shoes instead of ribbons

  • Preschool Parents need to wait on the sidewalk outside of their child's dance room for pick up

  • Classes will be dismissed from the same door where they were dropped off, we cannot have anyone in the lobby this year

Class Attire

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