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Star-Styled Staff

Cheryl K. O'Malley



Cheryl is an honors graduate of Duquesne University and the California College for Health Sciences.  She holds a Master's Degree in community health and wellness and a B.S. in elementary education.  A certified fitness instructor, personal trainer, and a long standing member of Dance Educators of America, Cheryl has taught dance and aerobics locally for nearly 30 years.  She regularly pursues professional development and teacher training opportunities in both fitness and dance. She is a firm believer that "it is just as important to be fit as be smart." Cheryl's philosophy of dance education includes an appreciation for the development of the whole child. She believes that fitness and healthy living are integral parts of the dance education program, as are personal interaction skills of courtesy, compassion, and respect.

Discipline and commitment are stressed as essential components of success in any program, and in life.  Above all, self-esteem and confidence are promoted at all times.  Through the application of this philosophy, Cheryl has cultivated many responsible, diligent, and talented young women over the years.  Most continue to dance beyond high school graduation.  They minor in dance as they pursue their college studies.  Others have graduated and are now successful professionals.  Many have become teachers, but all have used the discipline and commitment learned at Star-Styled Dance to achieve success. The entire staff at Cheryl's Star-Styled Dance Center have been former hard-working students who have demonstrated the qualities she requires to become effective, compassionate teachers and role models.


Cheryl also encourages her students to use the skills developed in dance class to participate in other school and community activities.  She believes that dance education is a dynamic part of a young person's life, but realizes that well rounded individuals are best prepared for the realities of the adult world.  Her students are regularly seen representing their schools in leadership roles, athletics, choirs, plays, spirit groups, and service organizations.  Many also share their talents through church and community groups.

Our Dance Teachers

The innovative programming at Star-Styled Dance represents Cheryl's commitment to kids.  Her interest in children extends far beyond her choreography, technique, and weekly instruction.  She regularly mentors senior projects, visits school students, and hosts special days of fun at the studio.  Each year she seeks to improve and enhance her programs as well as give back to the community.


Her credentials include:  Member of Dance Educators of America; Cecchetti Ballet Certification; American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance; YMCA Aerobic Certification; "Aerobics with Cheryl" Fitness Program; Certified Member of the American Council on Exercise; Exersafety Aerobics Certification; Member of the National Exercise Training Association; CPR and American Red Cross Certification.


"It's not how many fouette turns you can do or how many platinum awards you win, but how you dance with life that is always remembered."  - Miss Cheryl

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